Friday, April 20, 2007

#10 Myspace

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Well, I'm hurt. At this time it well not let me do this. Why I do not know. May try again later.

(Please note. I've been helping Kendel with her blog and I spoke with you, David, about this. Kendel has tried both email addresses and they were correct, but for some reason it would not register. She entered valid email addresses and even checked her email account and there was no message regarding myspace in her email. I don't know what it means to confirm her email address. She worked really hard on this blog and I've been helping her. As a team member of the learning 2.0 challenge at PVLD, I vote that we pass Kendel Cornwell when she completes her summary and that she definately receive an mp3 player and become eligable for the drawing of prizes. I think this is just a fluke with myspace and for some reason, it is denying her access. Thanks, Laurie L. Anderson )

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