Friday, April 20, 2007


I wish to thank Laurie Anderson for all her help and understand and her wonderful friendship!
Many thanks, Laurie.

Task # 10 Summary

I have learned that no matter how old you are anyone can learn how to do all of this on the computer. A lot of people I talk to at the Library feel that they are just to old and can not do anything with the computer and that is just not so. It is important to know that you can change or do anything if you put your mind to it.

Myspace was the most challenging in that they would not let me sign up for reason only known to Myspace. The other thing is I have trouble remembering all the steps on how to get from point a to point b. Remembering things about the computer is hard in that I don't think like a computer or a person who sets it up.

This can be used in a lot of ways. For advertising, posting classes on line that people can do at home, to communicating about people and happenings within the Library and community.

Self-directed learning model is not good for me. I don't do that well with the computer. I have a very high frustration rate with the computer and I am not patience with machines. Horses, People, Animals I am patience with but machines never. I am always very quick to ask for help. I just don't have the understanding to figure it out on my own. I feel like learning the computer is like learning to be a parent. Once you get one you should just know how to work it. For me self-dirceted is just encouraging me to be frustrated.

I understand the horse very will but not the computer.

None the less learning this has been very interesting and valuable. Frustrating or not I enjoyed this! Thank you!

#10 Myspace

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Well, I'm hurt. At this time it well not let me do this. Why I do not know. May try again later.

(Please note. I've been helping Kendel with her blog and I spoke with you, David, about this. Kendel has tried both email addresses and they were correct, but for some reason it would not register. She entered valid email addresses and even checked her email account and there was no message regarding myspace in her email. I don't know what it means to confirm her email address. She worked really hard on this blog and I've been helping her. As a team member of the learning 2.0 challenge at PVLD, I vote that we pass Kendel Cornwell when she completes her summary and that she definately receive an mp3 player and become eligable for the drawing of prizes. I think this is just a fluke with myspace and for some reason, it is denying her access. Thanks, Laurie L. Anderson )

Task # 9 Online office tools

I just posted David about how online tools can help the library. Left him a message. Waiting to hear back.

task # 8 youtube

kendelcornwell is my user name.

Youtube would be a great way to learn anything. What troubles me about it is that people seem to want to view the grim, violent and unhappy. Even the video of the horse and rider was about falling and having touble jumping this gal's horse. May not be what she wants but this is a good way to get some advice.

Task # 7 Wikipedia

My user name is Kendelcornwell.

Great way to let people know about what is going on in the Library. You can change what you wrote or what anybody else has written.

task # 6 Instant Messaging

horsecodyhorse (11:38:42 am): Is anybody there?
(11:38:42 am)PVLD2007 is no longer signed on.horsecodyhorse.

Great to be able to talk to friends back and forth!